First Responders Addiction Treatment Program

Harbor of Grace Enhanced Recovery Center is proud to provide professional and confidential addiction treatment for various life challenges that may affect the personal well-being of First Responders to include treatment for substance abuse and alcoholism.

Our First Responder treatment program includes counseling for work-related stress and trauma, and alcohol and substance abuse treatment that includes both inpatient and Intensive Outpatient treatment. A thorough initial assessment will result in assignment to the proper Harbor of Grace therapist, who will follow the patient throughout their progress in the program. Our unique staff make-up includes several career and volunteer first responders that know first-hand the many challenges and understand the stress that every firefighter, EMS provider and police officer encounters on a daily basis. Harbor of Grace’s First Responder Peer Program includes individual counseling, group therapy, and long-term monitoring for those afflicted with work-related stress and trauma.

Additionally, our high-caliber, experienced first responder team has extensive experience working with other career EAP programs that serve the private sector and Federal Agencies.  We partner with a variety of departments to assist their agencies with members who are in need of our unique services.  We have treated first-responders from as far away as New York City and Colorado.

Your confidential call can be made 24 hours a day to 1.844.428.8333
Simply ask for the First Responder Treatment Program Admissions Team.