Family Programs

P28-3Not only do patients thrive in recovery with the informed support and involvement of their family, but, more often than not, they struggle without it. Under the guidance of the patient’s dedicated Harbor of Grace counselor, family members can participate in their loved one’s treatment in a number of ways, including:

Family Counseling Sessions – single or multiple sessions with the patient’s counselor to resolve lingering conflicts, establish boundaries, or simply provide a safe environment for communication. Families that have been challenged with addiction for any significant length of time usually need to learn how to communicate and support one another in a positive & healthy manner.

Education and Awareness – through a combination of lectures, group discussions and videos, family members learn about the disease of addiction and about their role in helping a loved one recover.

Weekend Visitation – the change in the appearance and attitude of a patient who truly embraces their treatment program at Harbor of Grace Enhanced Recovery Center can be rapid and dramatic. We feel it is important that patients are given the opportunity to share this transformation with loved ones. For more details on our visitation program, please continue to the section below.