First Responder Staff

Ken Beyer, President and CEO (Center)

Ken co-founded Harbor of Grace and created the First Responder Program after 15 years of providing Peer Support to various police and fire agencies.  Ken continues to work part-time as a firefighter-EMT-B/IVT and volunteer for another agency, while consulting for many law enforcement agencies.

Ken is currently the EAP for Harford County Fire Volunteer Fire Association and the Peer Support Coordinator for the Harford County EMS Foundation.  He is a consultant for many police departments and career fire companies for addiction related matters within their respectable departments.  Ken has assisted various regional career and volunteer fire companies with chemical dependency issues and he has performed countless structured interventions, which include assisting several law enforcement agencies. His professional interests include Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) in the Fire and EMS Service as it relates to addiction.

Ken is married to Laurie (33 years), and they have four children and two beautiful granddaughters. They reside in Havre de Grace, MD.

Sgt.  Chuck Hart (Left)

Chuck is an active duty Police Officer with a large Regional Police Department.  Graduating from the Police Academy in March of 1986, Chuck’s career has spanned over 33 years and include assignments in “Foot Patrol” to his present-day assignment as the Commander for the Hostage Negotiating Team.  From March 2012 to the present time, Chuck is also assigned to the Behavioral Assessment and Crisis Management Unit, where he supervises a Team of Mobile Crisis Police Units.  Chuck’s many years of valuable training includes, but is not limited to Conflict Negotiation, Dealing with Crisis and Loss, Law Enforcement Trauma and Wellness, De-Escalation and Conflict Resolution through Crisis Intervention Tactics and Mental Health First Aide.  The affects of Critical Incidents on Law Enforcement Officers, grief, trauma and PTSD are several areas where Chuck is an expert. 

Chuck’s rewarding career has graced him with over 53 Awards and Unit Citations for his remarkable commitment and service.  Harbor of Grace is blessed to have Chuck and his passion to serve on our Team to help our First Responder Program become the regional leader in the treatment of our Nation’s heroes.  He is a Harford County resident where he lives with his wife of 31 years and two sons.

Lieutenant Marc “Junk” Junkerman (Right)

Marc is an active law enforcement supervisor with nearly 25 years of experience in various positions and postings.  Since 2006, Marc has placed a special focus on behavioral health, training and support for First responders by education leadership teams to change the way they address mental health issues in their respective departments.  It is his belief that modern public safety officers and supervisors must focus on the wellness and resiliency of their operators in order to ensure the quality delivery of behavioral health and crisis response services to the community.  This has led to the development and evolution of the “Decide to Thrive” wellness and resiliency series.  Marc has delivered this program to various audiences nationwide and his lectures are in demand regionally.

Marc currently holds the rank of Lieutenant with a large law enforcement department serving in various roles that include tours as an operator, supervisor and patrol commander.  He also has served on Special Operations Teams that include S.W.A.T. Teams, Special Investigations, Warrant Apprehension, and Training Director.

Marc helped to bring Mental Health First Aide to Maryland public safety through pilot programming, advocacy and instruction.  He gained official recognition by the Maryland Police and Corrections Training Commissions.  He is a CISM/Peer Support presenter and instructor candidate for the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF), and a Mental Health First Aide instructor and adjunct public safety trainer.

Marc’s passion and commitment to serve the mend and women in blue drives him to be the most dynamic speaker on a wide range of topics that include work stress, PTSD, and resiliency in police and fire departments.  He works tirelessly to “get the word out” by consulting for police departments in Carroll, Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Cecil counties as well as the Maryland State Police, The Maryland Transportation Authority Police and various other local agencies in Western Maryland and on Maryland’s’ Eastern Shore.  Marc also serves as a consultant and trainer for various federal law enforcement agencies and he’s co-authored numerous public safety bills in Annapolis.  Harbor of Grace First Responder Program is honored to call Marc our brother and proud he’s on the team!  Marc resides in Havre de Grace, Maryland.

Mitch Brooks

Mitch’s firefighting career began in 1991 in the US Navy where he served four years as an E5 Shipboard Firefighter.  Mitch’s civilian career with the Baltimore City Fire Department included eight years with a Truck Company, another eight years as a Paramedic on a medic unit including being selected as one of two firefighter/paramedics to serve as a Tactical Medic for the Baltimore City Police Department S.W.A.T Team.  He also served one year at the Fire Academy training new recruits.

Mitch’s personal journey in recovery from alcoholism began 23 years ago.  His Peer Support Skills and his ability to work with people in early recovery make Mitch a tremendous asset to our clinical team.  He lives in Havre de Grace with his wife of 26 years and his three daughters.