Our History

The idea for Harbor of Grace Enhanced Recovery Center was borne out of a love of helping the struggling alcoholic and addict. The dream of opening a unique inpatient model that meets the alcoholic or addict where he or she is, and guides them through the early stages of recovery, is the cornerstone of our vision.

Co-founders Ken Beyer and Dr. W. David Hill patiently assembled a compassionate team of seasoned professionals led by Tim Thompson, a 24-year veteran of the substance abuse treatment field. As word spread, Harbor of Grace rapidly, but purposefully, expanded its treatment team to effectively deliver a widening range of treatment methods including Ambulatory Detox. We have grown to a forty-four bed, medium intensity residential facility with simultaneous Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient programs.

Our facility now includes a separate clinical services building located contiguous to our Medical building at 437 Girard Street.  Our strategic plan has come true as we have opened a separate female residential building and we have purchased the former Union Medical Center property for future expansion.  We will continue to enhance our unique programs to meet all of our patients’ needs with exceptional quality of care, experienced and credentialed staff, and state-of-the-art facilities.

Father Joseph C. Martin, an early pioneer in the treatment field, made a huge impact on our co-founders, D. Kenneth Beyer and Dr. W. David Hill. Father Martin believed that when working with alcoholics one must go as far as he can humanly go and then take “one step more”.  Here at Harbor of Grace we take “one step more” with every patient we meet.


Harbor of Grace continues to admit new patients and can take calls 24/7. The health and safety of our patients and staff remains the top priority. As recommended by the CDC, Harbor of Grace has protocols and procedures put in place due to COVID-19, such as thorough pre-screening measures, a COVID-19 medical screening upon arrival, and limiting exposure to those who are not Harbor of Grace staff and patients. Medical Approval will need to be given by Harbor of Grace medical staff for admission. Due to the pandemic, all patient visitation will be suspended until further notice.