Letter from Our CEO

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To Our Patients:

Welcome to Harbor of Grace Enhanced Recovery Center. Our treatment professionals understand addicts and alcoholics. They assist with the removal of recovery barriers through conventional treatment methods such as group and individual therapy along with other therapeutic modalities. Art therapy, music therapy, equine therapy and 12-step yoga therapy are all supervised by certified specialists. Quality long-term sobriety is the goal—the lighthouse at the journey’s end.

Our full continuum of care facility is designed for individuals needing additional structured treatment after discharge from a conventional 28-day inpatient program. We help people establish recovery-based coping strategies and identify relapse triggers to enhance their sobriety. We believe in a holistic approach to recovery, with full integration of the mind, body, and soul.

The experienced treatment professionals at Harbor of Grace Enhanced Recovery Center have over 140 years of personal sobriety and over 110 years of experience working professionally with alcoholics and addicts. Most members of our team trained under Father Joseph Martin and owe a debt of gratitude to Father Martin, Mae Abraham and Leonard Angus Dahl.

We will go as far as we can to help addicts and alcoholics—and then take one step more.


Ken's Signature copy

D. Kenneth Beyer, Sr.
CEO & Executive Director