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Serving police, fire, veterans, federal agents, dispatchers and corrections officers

We Fix Broken Blue

America’s 911 For Officers in Crisis

Harbor of Grace Enhanced Recovery Center is proud to provide professional and confidential Mental Health and addiction treatment for First Responders.

The National Law Enforcement and First Responder Wellness Center at Harbor of Grace is America’s only First Responder Mental Health Program providing care exclusively for First Responders in crisis, that are treated by other First Responders. 

We fix broken blue

professional and confidential addiction treatment

Harbor of Grace Enhanced Recovery Center is proud to provide professional and confidential treatment for various life challenges that may affect the personal well-being of First Responders to include treatment for substance abuse and alcoholism.

Our First Responder treatment program includes counseling for work-related stress and trauma, and alcohol and substance abuse treatment that includes both inpatient and Intensive Outpatient treatment. A thorough initial assessment will result in assignment to the proper Harbor of Grace therapist, who will follow the patient throughout their progress in the program. Our unique staff make-up includes several career and volunteer first responders that know first-hand the many challenges and understand the stress that every firefighter, EMS provider and police officer encounters on a daily basis. Harbor of Grace’s First Responder Peer Program includes individual counseling, group therapy, and long-term monitoring for those afflicted with work-related stress and trauma.

Additionally, our high-caliber, experienced first responder team has extensive experience working with other career EAP programs that serve the private sector and Federal Agencies.  We partner with a variety of departments to assist their agencies with members who are in need of our unique services.  We have treated first-responders from all 50 States, including as far away as Hawaii and Alaska.

Your confidential call can be made 24 hours a day to 443-502-8606 Simply ask for the First Responder Treatment Program Admissions Team.

Police Officers
Harbor of Grace is dedicated to treating our brothers and sisters in blue.  Our program offers specialized treatment for those who have dedicated their lives to protect and serve the public, you are not alone.  We have active and retired police officers on staff to provide peer support and guidance.

Emergency Personnel
Emergency personnel face extremely stressful and high-pressure situations.  Harbor of Grace offers unique and personalized treatment services for emergency professionals, so you can begin your path to recovery.  Our clinical staff includes active and retired emergency personnel who can provide feedback and support to those who need it.

Harbor of Grace recognizes that firefighters selflessly put their lives on the line to save people in danger.  This type of work can take a tole on even the strongest individuals.  We recognize that asking for support is not always easy, but our experienced professionals, which includes active and retired firefighters are here to help.

The potential of being exposed to traumatic stressors is an ever-present issue for individuals who choose the military as their occupation.  Harbor of Grace takes pride in helping our active and retired military.  Our veteran community is here to help provide the experience and care you need.

Life of a paramedic is a 24-hour obligation and is difficult to “switch off”.  Paramedics deal with life or death situations on a daily basis, which can be physically and psychologically demanding.  The staff at Harbor of Grace can provide the attention and understanding you need to address and overcome your personal challenges. 

Corrections Officers
Working in corrections will test your emotional and mental strength.  Our experienced first responder staff can provide support to address specific issues faced by corrections officers with substance abuse and mental health issues.