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Serving police, fire, veterans, federal agents, dispatchers and corrections officers


Our staff has over 600 years of public safety experience.

This unique program provides an officer that was involved in a shooting a non-judgmental, confidential environment, where he or she can process the event and connect with other officers who have experienced similar shootings. Other goals:

  • Process the shooting
  • Provide psycho-education on acute stress response
  • Symptom management through education of healthy coping strategies
  • Utilization of learned strategies to manage current symptoms with goal to prevent further trauma response
  • Connect with other peers who have gone through similar events.
  • Return to pre-trauma level of functioning in order to prepare for re-entry into the workplace
  • Linkage to support network
  • Treatment modalities to include highly effective and evidence based EMDR and Brain Spotting Therapy

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