Outpatient/Individual Therapy

Often the next appropriate level of care following IOP, the same Harbor of Grace counselors can continue to meet with their patients on an outpatient, one-to-one basis as needed. Patients and their therapist typically meet once per week to discuss and explore issues of early recovery. Themes that may emerge are relationships, stress, anxiety, depression, physical and emotional trauma, spirituality and other life issues. The individual level of focus often helps individuals achieve permanent changes in their substance use behaviors. Therapy will address major lifestyle, attitudinal and behavioral issues that have the potential to undermine the goal of wellness and recovery or inhibit the individual’s ability to cope with major life tasks without the non-medical use of addictive substances.


Harbor of Grace continues to admit new patients and can take calls 24/7. The health and safety of our patients and staff remains the top priority. As recommended by the CDC, Harbor of Grace has protocols and procedures put in place due to COVID-19, such as thorough pre-screening measures, a COVID-19 medical screening upon arrival, and limiting exposure to those who are not Harbor of Grace staff and patients. Medical Approval will need to be given by Harbor of Grace medical staff for admission. Due to the pandemic, all patient visitation will be suspended until further notice.