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Intensive outpatient

dramatically increase rates of success

maintaining sobriety and long-term recovery

IOP provides continuity of care through various phases of the addiction recovery process. It allows participants to conduct their lives while benefitting from a structured and supportive level of care that meets 3 times per week for 2 ½ to 3 hours per session. The small group of patients and their dedicated counselor will meet either during the day or in the early evenings to accommodate other work and family obligations. Patients can begin their treatment at Harbor of Grace with IOP, receiving comprehensive bio-psychosocial assessments and individualized service plans. The group sessions provide essential education and treatment components while allowing patients to apply their newly acquired skills within “real world” environments. As with all levels of care provided at Harbor of Grace Enhance Recovery Center, our experienced counselors will collaborate with patients to develop problem or need statements, measurable treatment goals and specific strategies and methods for sustainable recovery.